Holistic Balms

Holistic Balms


These balms were created using the best essential oils, blended together to aid you in drug free manner. Each unique balm is rubbed directly onto the skin to the effected area for relief in minutes!

all balms are for external use only

*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any specific medical professional, and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Seek a responsible healthcare professional if you suffer from any ailments chronically, there may be a more serious underlying cause.

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Headache Balm - For relief of occasional headaches we also recommend drinking at least 24 oz of water as soon as symptoms begin and rubbing the balm onto your temples, the back of your neck and your forehead. peppermint eo, rice bran oil, olive oil.

Menstrual Relief Balm- During your menstrual cycle we recommend reducing or eliminating animal byproducts from your diet to help reduce cramping as the hormones in meat and dairy can conflict with your own and cause stronger blood flow or cramping pain. However, rubbing this balm onto your lower abdomen or lower back as well as the top of your spine (between your neck back) wherever, you carry your cramps this balm has been reported and proven to reduce or eliminate the severe pain of cramps. peppermint eo, rose eo, rosemary seed extract, lavender eo, rice bran oil, olive oil

Relaxation Balm-  Use this when you just need peace, or you're getting ready for bed the age old essential oils in this need no explaining.just rub into your pulse points or simply sniff directly into the bottle  for a few deep breaths lavender eo, chamomile eo, rice bran oil