You will have to enchant Herbs before actually using them in magic. Enchantment (in the magical context) aligns the vibrations of the plants involved with your magical need and intent. Therefore it is a necessary process which increases the effectiveness of the herbs. Enchantment can be performed on a single herb or a mixture however, it should not be done until moments before the herb is to be used and the ritual performed. When several herbs are needed for a spell they may be enchanted together as a mixture or singly as each herb is introduced into the mixture. A preliminary enchantment can also be performed if the herb(s) collected are wild grown or from a garden. While performing any cutting or pulling of the herb from where it is grown a specific spell and intent for it should be stressed and at the forefront of your mind; as should the plant's role in fulfilling your need. For example you may think to yourself while cutting a bunch of sage leaves "I gather you, Sage, herb of the Sun grown in love, to grant me clarity and purity."

           This begin the process of enchantment that follows later when the ritual is to be performed. To enchant the herbs when you are ready for your ritual you'll need                                                      

  • A plain wooden or ceramic bowl

  • One/Two candleholders (depending on what the ritual calls for)

  •  Appropriately colored candles (you may follow the color guidelines, but your intuition on what resonates most is the color you should go with) 

  • An Altar indoors or outdoors in a quiet space that is relatively out of the way of any other action that may take place before the ritual is finished.

To begin

  1. Place the empty bowl in the center of the altar.

  2. Place the candle-holders with correctly colored candles on either side

  3. The herbs that you are enchanting should be placed around the bowl in their containers/bags/Sacs.

  4. Light the candles and quiet your mind. (Unplug/Turn off the phone and lock the door/ Or make sure you're alone if outdoors)

  5. At this point you should focus solely on your need and intent. Give thanks and gratitude to (your) higher power and to the herbs for their sacrifice and the power the imbue. Following this begin by adding one or all of the herbs to the bowl 

Attunement (continued enchantment)

  1. Pour the needed amount of dried herb(s) into the bowl. You may sit or stand calmly and gaze into the herb. (I use Reiki and hover my hands over the bowl) DO NOT TOUCH THE HERBS YET INSTEAD

  2. Sense its vibrations awaiting within the leaves and flowers and stems; see them emerging from the plant or lying in wait for you to activate them. (Some psychics can see the vibrations leaving the plants in various forms, such as sharp jagged lines, spirals or blazing comets).

  3. Lean toward the bowl and place your power  hand (The hand your write with) within it, touching the herb(s) firmly. Leave it motionless for a few seconds.

  4. Visualize your need strongly. 

  5. Run your fingers through the herb(s). Still strongly visualizing your need, send it into the herb. FEEL your fingertips charging the herb(s) with energy.

  6.  Chant simple words that match your need, such as: "Sweet pea, Sweet pea I desire to be Happy" (It doesn't need to rhyme but make it simple enough you can chant it over and over under your breath without forgetting your wording. Do this as you run your fingers through the herb feel it infusing the plant with your need & power. 

  7. When the herb is tingling with power (or when you sense that the enchantment is complete) remove your hand. The plant has been enchanted. 

*Note "If there are other plants to be used in a mixture, add them one at a time, re-enchanting the mixture with each addition. If you wish to enchant herbs to be used separately, remove the enchanted herb from the bowl and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Replace the candles with colors appropriate to the new herb and repeat the procedure. When making incense, infusions, sachets, poppets and the like powder or grind herbs (if needed) before enchanting. If roots or branches are to be enchanted, simply hold in your power hand, visualizing and/or chanting, or lay it on top of the bowl between the candles. In earlier days to "enchant" meant to sing or chant to. Once you have sung your song of need to the herbs, they are ready for use. Of course enchantment isn't absolutely necessary, but it is a method of obtaining better results. The wise herbalist will never omit enchantments." -Cunningham


To utilize your herbs after they are enchanted there are a handful of ways to achieve your desires. Poppets, Infusions, Baths, Ointments, Oils, Incense


These spells are designed to be used when no other is available or desired. As with any part of magic they can be altered to suit your tastes and imagination. Most of them should be done outside, but with a little thought they can be performed inside as well. Though they are related to the four elements, each spell can be used for any magical need, alone or in conjunction with other spells.

Earth Spell

The Earth Spell Place the appropriate enchanted herbs in a bag and take to a wild place. With your hands, dig a small hole in the Earth and pour the herbs into it. Visualize your need strongly. Cover the herbs over and leave the area. It is done. 

Air Spell

Stand in an open place atop a hill or mountain, far from tall trees, buildings, and other hills. Hold the appropriate enchanted herbs in your power hand and, facing North, blow a little of them to that direction. Turn East and repeat the spell, then do so to the South. At the West blow all the herbs far from your hand. Visualize your need strongly all the while, stating it in words if you wish.

Fire Spell

Write or make a symbol of your need on a piece of paper cut into a triangle. While visualizing your need, place the appropriate enchanted herbs in the center of the paper and crumble it tightly so that the herbs are trapped inside the paper. Anoint with oils if you wish. Build a fire in an outside pit or indoor fireplace (BE SAFE AND BE SURE TO REMOVE ANY HAZARDS, USE COMMON SENSE AND FIRE SAFETY PROCEDURES). Throw the herb packet into the fire. As it touches the flames firmly visualize your need. Continue to do so until the packet has been consumed by the flames. 

Water Spell

Take the appropriate enchanted herbs to a river, spring, lake, or seashore. Hold them tightly in your power hand and visualize your need. With a sweeping motion, scatter the herbs onto the water. The power has been sent. 


From the overwhelming number of herbs used for this purpose it is obvious that protection is (and has been) of the utmost concern for practitioners. Most of the protective herbs mentioned on this site are general in their effects; they guard their bearer against physical and psychic attacks; injury, accidents, poison, snakebite, lightning strikes, wicked spirits, the evil eye, and so on. In other words, they are protective in a general way. Naturally, they won't do you much good once something has happened so protective herbs should be preventatives.Be proactive not reactive. This doesn't mean that if you wear a protective root, crystal or carry a sachet you'll breeze through life un-bothered with no annoyances negative is necessary to maintain and appreciate positive. But carrying some of these herbs will certainly help screen out potentially harmful situations. Protective herbs create a type of force-field around your home, possessions, or self. When carrying these herbs they also increase the effectiveness of your body's natural defenses and powers.

"An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure".-Cunningham


Humans are not meant to exist in solitude so the desire for companionship, warmth, sexual contact, emotional fulfillment, and someone to talk is to be expected and revered even. Love magic should consist of one thing. To attract an unspecified person into your life. To put it bluntly PLEASE never ever perform a love spell with the intention of working a root on one particular person. Simply stated, love herbs will place you in situations where you will meet new people, and help you to overcome shyness (if that an issue), and allow you to openly communicate that you are more than in the mood for love and thus attract love back to you, NEVER FORCE THE LOVE OF A PARTICULAR PERSON you will both end up miserable, and its borderline psychic rape to do so. 


This ancient form of magic comes in handy today, not necessarily to drive demons from people or buildings, but to clear away the negativity that daily living so amply provides. Purification herbs are simply less-powerful exorcism herbs and usually do not rid a place of evil entities.


There are many herbs which aid the body's healing processes. Some of these are multi-purpose and others specific. All can be mixed into sachets which, when carried, help the body's healing powers. Some are used in incense form, others added to the bath. However, when a serious condition or severe symptoms occur, obtain medical attention immediately. Herb magic—as with all magic—must be backed up with appropriate and timely actions in the physical world. For example, you cannot perform a spell to pass a test and expect to do so without studying. Magical Intentions Similarly, don't expect magic to heal you unless at the same time you take care of yourself physically. This means getting medical help when needed. Health As with most types of magic, prevention is better than cure, so if you're prone to bad health it might be wise to carry some of these herbs at all times. Replace them regularly (every three months or so).


Ninety-nine percent of people are not now, and never will be, the target of curses or hexes. Contrary to popular belief, evil magicians don't lurk behind each tree ready to hex everyone out of existence. When people feel that they have been hexed, cursed, jinxed, or psychically attacked, an ordinary cause can usually be traced for the supposed hex. No matter how certain these people are of their condition, they are simply victims of life and their own fears and worries. A run of accidents, mishaps, illnesses, financial and emotional losses, even car trouble will provide the basis for imaginary hexes. Although most hexes are imaginary, some are not. Additionally, it is a well attested fact that the mind has a powerful effect on the body. If a person believes him- or herself hexed, its physical effects (if any) will usually manifest. Thus many herbs are used for their traditional ability to remove evil spells and curses. They work—whether a hex exists or not.


Although magically forcing your loved one to remain faithful is violating one of the precepts of magic (harm none/dont force love), there are herbs which can be used to gently remind him or her of you, and to guard against unwanted temptations. Use them with love and care. Luck Luck is simply the knack for being in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, and acting on instinct. If a person is not naturally "lucky" such an ability can be acquired through the use of herbs. How this "luck" will manifest is left unstated, but luck herbs are usually utilized when a person has had a run of "bad" luck—and wishes to change this to good. Luck herbs give you the power to make your own "good" luck.


These plants have been used for centuries to create a sexual desire in those near them. Not surprisingly, they are commonly used to arouse another person's lust, even against their will. However, they are also used as love herbs and are to attract others who desire sexual contacts, and this is certainly less manipulative than the former use.


Some types of magic specialize in raising spirits and "daemons" to visible appearance, usually within a circle or triangle. These herbs have long been burned so that the smoke can be used by the spirit as a medium in which to materialize. This magic, though dangerous (black/grey arts) and difficult to perform, is nonetheless traditional.


These plants increase a person's financial scene; they will not create dollar bills out of thin air. The money may come in the form of unexpected gifts or legacies, but usually it will manifest as a raise in pay, a better job, a good investment, a loan suddenly repaid to you, and so on. Magic performed to gain money is quite commonly practiced. However, few people actually need money—they need what money can buy. If I needed enough money to pay my bills, for example, I would use these money herbs while visualizing my bills as being marked "paid in full" and then disappearing. Give the power direction and it shall flow.


I've stressed that magic should be used when needed, perhaps as a last resort when all other methods have failed. However, we all have wishes that might not be as pressing as a need. These wishes may be emotionally and physically important, however, and so magic can be used to make them come true, and herbs can help this along.