Rough Stone

Rough stones are most used for their Primordial Magic. These stones are taken from living rock, and remain in their natural condition. They can be easily distinguished by their simplicity and unique beauty. These stones are free of the energy imprint of human workmanship and manipulation; therefore, energy flows freely through them. For this reason rough stones possess great power. They work best when placed directly on the body. The energy is concentrated in the points.  There can also be small pockets or holes in naturally developed rough stone, energy gathers in these pockets as well. Aggregate crystals have points that can project in different directions. This disperses the crystals power and can restore the balance of energy in its surroundings and can be used to recharge other stones. 


Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones are Gentle & Calming. Tumbled stones are created by rough stones being put together with water and sand in a drum that is turned. This abrades their rough points and crevices and the finished result is a smooth semi-polished stone. Tumbled stones are good touch stones. Their strong vibrations produce a powerful healing influence. They are best used laid on the body or pressed onto the skin (such as in your palm). Tumbled stones can be found in nature in riverbeds rubbed smooth by the stones, sand and current of the running water also. Flat tumbled stones can be placed under your pillow, worn in or on clothing and do not lose their effect between barriers.

Precious & Semi Precious

Precious & Semi-Precious cut/ lasered stones can have a positive or negative effect. Consequently the precious metals in which they can be set can increase their energy level. Gold settings will enhance the power of every stone. Silver strengthens the vibrations and intensity or certain stones such as coral or turquoise. Multiple stones are best worn as necklaces, armbands or on key rings. Copper is a strong energy conduit. Single stones are best used in rings, earrings. With the help of an experienced stone practitioner jewelry can be better cultivated for an individual’s particular needs hing and do not lose their effect between barriers