Magical Principles



These are the building blocks of becoming empowered with the knowledge of the energy in all things around you. This is not card tricks and escapism for money and laughs. This is the manipulation of energy, light bending, life building and manifestation.

First:  Magic is real, Magic is natural. There may be a certain stigma attached to Magic in your mind. It may be hard for you to grasp at first that; we shape our own reality. We can manipulate outcomes and beginnings in our own favor. You may also feel a negative connotation toward "witch craft". However I wish you to rest assured that there is no evil, unless you yourself intentionally invoke it. Whether Bible, Qua-ran, Torah etc. You will find that your higher power is given for you to have such dominion over your life using the things natural to this world to do so.
Second:  Harm none, this includes yourself through its use. We live in a plane that exists only in checks and balances. The consequences of invoking dark or some grey magics may be irreversible and devastating. Instead I offer you the option of invoking love and cloaking yourself in light, peace and protection. This way it diminishes the need for even having feelings of wanting to partake on the dark side of Magics.
Third: Magic requires effort. You must KNOW it works (not believe), you must be persistent. You must own your intent and bring a clarity of mind. It's important to remember you will receive what you put into it.
Fourth: Magic is not always instantaneous. Some spells require time to be effective. Do not be discouraged. As long as you perform your ritual with clear intent and conviction, you can put it out of your mind after. Trust the universe (yourself, or God) whomever you divine to get it done.
Fifth: Magic should not be performed for pay. This may lead to greed and a tip toeing on the line of grey and dark arts. Magic should be done with pure intent; Compensation diminishes this purity.
Sixth: Magic should never be used in a frivolous or joking manner nor to inflate your  own ego, for the same reasons compensatory Magic is ill advised. 
Seventh: Magic can be worked for your own gain and prosperity without fear, but ONLY if it harms none in the process.
Eighth:  Be mindful that Magic is a divine act. Give praise and thanks where it is due before and after your rituals are performed. 
Ninth: Magic may be used for defensive measures but should never be used for attack and malicious intent.
Tenth: To know Magic is knowledge. Time and consistent performance will teach you there is no ending to learning and perfecting your craft. You will learn not only of its way and laws, but also of its
effectiveness. Do not simply believe that magic works. You must KNOW it!
Eleventh: Always remember Magic is love. It's ways were given to us for the betterment of us all. As we should walk and live in love and gratitude; all magic should be performed out of love. Because if anger or hatred tinges your magic you will have then crossed the border into a dangerous plane, one that will ultimately consume you.