INTERVIEW: Attract the Life You Want with @TJRicks_TSP


What if I told you that you could get all the things you've ever wanted, achieve all the goals you set and live the life want, the way you want just by changing the way you think? You'd probably call me crazy and go about your day. This notion of manifesting the life you want through sheer will is in fact possible and our latest feature this week, Dr. Tanei Ricks has all the tools you need to get started. If you are ready to make the impossible possible and turn your life on, read below!

Tell us about yourself and little about your background.
My Name is Tanei Ricks, I’m from Augusta, GA, I’m currently an adjunct professor of chemistry, a digital marketing intern, and a fledgling independent copywriter. I have a BS in Chemistry with a Biochemistry focus and a PhD in organic chemistry.

When were you introduced to Science? 
I was introduced to science as a child. I grew an affinity for chemistry in high school because of my teacher Ms. Terry Kennedy. I never struggled in my chemistry classes and I actually enjoyed the work. I watched people struggle so hard and I’m over here like Tee Grizzley, doing it with no effort so that always stuck with me. I knew that for me to be so good at something that everyone else struggle with that I had something special so I stuck with it all throughout my college years.


In your opinion, how has the intersection of Health & Science affected the people?
I think it’s a double edged sword. I think in some ways it’s allowed us to make great strides in nutrition and understanding our very complex biochemistry. On the other hand, peer review has supplanted common sense. Many of the things that people struggle within the health realm are due to the fact that we ignore our base instincts and what our body is telling us. The body is infinitely wise, and will put itself in the optimal living state when we get out of the way and let it do its thing.

You've recently said that you would have chosen different pursuits than science. What are those pursuits, and why not science?
So I am currently in digital marketing. I chose this because I’ve been able to grow my Twitter following at an insane rate. I would love to be in the lab right now, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t proven myself via peer reviewed publications so I’m exploring other avenues to bless the world with my gifts. I’m confident that the papers are coming because I did too much work in graduate school that is important. However, for now, it’s not meant to be. So instead of being hard-headed, I’m going with what’s working for me and that is digital marketing. I landed myself a great opportunity at a marketing firm here in Atlanta so I’m very pleased with the unique opportunity that I’ve been able to create for myself. I left my zone of comfort and transcended into my zone of genius and I’m happy with where my career is heading.


For those who don't know, what are the Laws of Attraction and why are they important?
The Law of Attraction is one of the 12 Universal Laws. It essential means “that which is likened to itself.” This means that things that are of like vibration will come together. Conversely, things that are of different vibration cancel out or cease interaction. This can be summed up as different science terms like “like dissolves like” in chemistry and constructive and destructive interference in physics. You get what you think about, man becomes what he thinks about, so on and so forth.

What are the 12 Universal Laws?
The 12 universal laws are laws that govern all of the life in this realm. They are as follows:

  • Divine Oneness
  • Vibration
  • Action
  • Correspondence
  • Cause and Effect
  • Compensation
  • Attraction
  • Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  • Relativity
  • Polarity
  • Rhythm
  • Gender

If you can master the principles associated with each one of these laws, it's very likely that you will have a great journey in this physical body.

What does it mean to "Live deliberately"?
Living deliberately means living with a plan. Living with a purpose. Living like your life means something. I find that when I plan my days, they go much smoother and according to plan. I’m such a busy person that its easy for me to miss taking inventory on the things that I do on a daily basis and it’s easy for me to look up and feel like I’ve done nothing. When I actually cross my actions off, I feel a much greater sense of accomplishment, and thus my mood is enhanced. Living deliberately is about taking full accountability and responsibility for your days to craft the life that you want.

You teach that Social Media is a powerful tool for Manifesting the life you want. What are some examples of this?
Social media takes the guesswork out of visualizing things. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to a lesser degree give you the ability to really see people doing the dope things that you want to do. You only need to see someone else do something to know that it is possible. This is the story of Roger Bannister. Everyone said a 4 minute mile isn’t possible. He did it, and now its been done a bunch of times. This is the same thing with your manifestations. Visualization is the key to manifestation. Sometimes it can be difficult for us to visualize the things that we want. Watching others doing it on social media and feeling good about it puts us in a mind frame where we can do these things ourselves.


What motivated you to begin this journey of teaching?
It’s my soul purpose. I’ve known for a long time that I was supposed to be a teacher. I just struggled with how I wanted to do it. I don’t like academia and the way it’s set up currently. These colleges teach people how to be debt slaves, not financially and intelligently free people. I don’t want to be a part of that. I found a way to do things on my own terms and still teach and it feels great to have made my own lane. I can confidently say that no one is doing what I’m doing at this time in the digital space.

What has been the response to your teachings, and how does it feel?
The response has been incredible. I’ve had people buy my courses, email me shoutouts, dm questions for life advice, the whole 9. People really look up to me and it feels pretty amazing. It’s also pretty humbling too to know that people trust me with their lives. That’s something that I don’t take lightly. Even though I’ve never and probably will never meet some of these people in real life, they are my digital family and I’m forever appreciative to have the opportunity to interact with them and share my wisdom.

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Tell us about the Tanei the Science Guy brand and what is its mission?
The mission of my website is to get people more competent in science (specifically biology and chemistry), Law of Attraction principles, and good health and nutrition. I’m currently working to reach my ideal body weight and it’s been a good experience. I just want to bring people along for the ride with me and provide inspiration in real time along the way. It’s been great and I will continue doing it as long as it serves a purpose to someone.  

I currently have 1 Course on mastering Law of Attraction, a recently released webinar on synthetic estrogen contamination in the environment, ebooks about juice fasting, Law of attraction using music and much more.


What is the ultimate goal for your career and works?  
Ultimate goal for myself is to build a life that I don’t have to escape from. I’m currently doing a ton of affiliate marketing to help companies get known via my twitter page and blog, I’m learning digital marketing and SEO so that I can get into the digital marketplace with a couple of stores, and I’m still working on getting my research from grad school published. I have steep financial goals for myself that will be met within the next 2 years continuing at this trajectory. At the end of all of this, I’m confident that I will produce something truly unique that will make the world a better place and enhance my life beyond my wildest dreams. I want to be remembered as someone who gave courageously to the world and had fun doing it always, in all ways.

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