5 Reasons You Should Own Lola & Doe


Greetings & Welcome!

More than likely you were casually scrolling your Twitter or Instagram feed and saw someone you follow absolutely RAVE about our Goods and how YOU should own some of your own as well. You're interested, but still aren't completely sold as to why you should grab some soaps or a scrub. No worries! We understand the perils of trying out a new company and what can go wrong, so we created a simple 5 reasons why you should have our Goods in your home! 

5: Our Goods are Handmade

 All of our products are crafted by hand. We believe in the quality of hand crafted goods, as this allows us to be able to have a tighter grasp on the standards of everything we produce. While we appreciate the use of efficient machinery, we make sure that we still maintain a literal "Hands-On" approach to all of our Goods.  There is no substitute for soaps made by hand. When you're washing and scrubbing with Lola & Doe, you can rest assured that you're using the very best of the best in natural products on your skin and body.

4: We are a Family Business

We deeply value the concept of  Family & Business, and the relationship between the two. Lola & Doe was created by a Husband & Wife to counteract all the toxic chemicals that are abundant in Generic Brand soap companies that harm babies, and providing a viable solution to families across the nation. We believe more families should start businesses and work daily to be an example of the success that can come from the endeavor. When you shop with Lola & Doe, you are shopping with a family who understands the critical importance of Organic & Holistic Hygiene.

3: We Share the Wealth

Here at Lola & Doe, we believe in Group Economics and reciprocating value to all those who patronage and participate our company. Whether it be monthly sales & giveaways, In-Store Credit, extra goodies in your orders, or our Affiliate Marketing Program, we do our best to make sure we continuously give back to our Patrons. Customer Appreciation is extremely important to us as a company and we provide these services to allow everyone to prosper when they decide to shop with us. We encourage everyone to take advantage of all these opportunities and experience a high quality business relationship.     

2: Our Monthly Subscription Boxes

 We understand that our Patrons are busy and may not have the time to worry about if they replenished their Lola & Doe supply. Coupled with missing Goods after they've sold out, we decided to provide a time and money saving solution for everyone. We created our Monthly Subscription Boxes to facilitate a worry free experience with Lola & Doe. Our Monthly Subscribers get 4 to 6 of our All Natural & Organic Soaps, Scrubs, Oils, and other Goods delivered to their doorstep EVERY month, Our Subscription Boxes are tailor made for Women, Men, and Babies, with FREE SHIPPING! Only $34.95/Month. Sign up today! 

1: Your Life Depends On It

 Here’s the truth: Your skin is your largest organ, made up of TRILLIONS of pores that are built to absorb everything that it comes in contact with. In fact, the products that you lather, rub, and scrub into your skin have the same or even greater health implications than the foods you consume.

A very popular brand associated with the health of babies specifically, was found guilty of their powder causing CANCER for one of their patrons. This lawsuit created a ripple effect of past customers filing as well. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The products that you use on your skin can and will make you ill if you do not make the necessary changes in your Bathroom Routines.

Here at Lola & Doe we ONLY use Organic, All Natural, NON GMO, Paraben & Phthalate FREE, Vegan Goods that only help and not harm. When you shop with Lola & Doe you don’t EVER have to worry about our goods harming you or your family. We have reviews of dozens of people that sing our praises!  Let Lola & Doe change your life! Shop with us today!!