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There comes a time in all our lives where we as adults must take full and complete responsibility for the behaviors we exhibit on a daily basis. The lifestyles and habits we create dictate the quality of life we are going to have. Unfortunately, too many people are living severely unhealthy lives and we have the staggering statistics to prove it. Behaviors such as overeating, lack of exercise, negative thinking, negative relationships, stress, etc. are major factors as to why so many people suffer from hundreds of illnesses daily, physical and mental.

In this day and age where leading a potentially fatal life is increasingly easy, people like Dee Rook are extremely important to the world. Dee Rook is a Holistic Health Specialist who takes a No Nonsense approach to the world of Health & Wellness. She tells it like it is and does not waste her time worrying if you liked the message. When you've been doing things objectively incorrectly for so long, the correction will not always be a sweet pill to swallow. However, when one takes heed to the fruit of the lesson, the results are life-changing. Literally.

If you're looking for that kick in the butt to start your journey of Health & Wellness and breaking misconceptions of health in general, read below. 


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Rook is just a country girl born and raised in a small town in North Carolina. Life got real for me when I left my hometown and ventured off to college. There I studied and eventually taught information and computer technology. Years and tens of thousands of dollars *eye roll* later, life had a funny way of introducing me to the health world. It was during my attempts to de aal with a sickness, that I discovered my power and ability to heal myself. Through much self-study, self-experience and divine wisdom, I realized the School of Hard Knocks was preparing me for the opportunity to represent an alternative perspective of Health & Wellness. I am, however, aware that for many of us that may translate to bullsh*t, so I’m currently playing along in the matrix and I’m working to complete two health certifications: Certified Detox Specialist and Certified Natural Health Professional.


How have traditions and cultural customs in America affected the health of the population?
Like it or not, we gotta give it up to the biggest pimp in the world, America. American culture reeks of all things quick and easy, quantity over quality, and the bigger the better. Everything opposite of nature. Our habits are ingrained and honestly, our greatest tradition is passing down recycled thinking and doing. No questions asked. While we take great satisfaction in touting ourselves as the holy grail of the world, the reality is exactly what we see in society. A population sick in mind and body - overweight, depressed, and marshmallow soft. Sadly this is exactly what we’ve all played a role in manifesting so can we really be mad about it?



What are some common misconceptions people have about health?
Unfortunately, most people who think they’re healthy, are not. I have overweight family members who, despite popping pills every day, truly believe they’re healthy because the doctor said their “numbers” are fine. Nothing in their mind says, "hmm, maybe my organs drowning in excess fat isn’t a good thing" or, "Hmm, if my body was truly healthy I wouldn’t need to take pills every day. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the fitness nuts who are obsessively ingesting an insane amount of animal protein, protein shakes, and trash supplements every day to achieve what appears to be healthy. I know because I was one of these people, well up until my body started to fall apart. I think the most common misconception is that what mainstream medicine and doctors tell us is the absolute truth. No, milk doesn’t help you grow strong bones, hell, if it did why do we see populations that drink the most milk have higher rates of osteoporosis? The same goes for protein. If "the more protein, the better" is the answer shouldn’t we see groups who follow this motto have better health than those who follow a vegan or plant-based lifestyle? The fact is we don’t.


Why did you start Project Rook and what is its aim?
Project – a carefully planned piece of work designed to achieve a particular goal.

Rook. – yours truly.

Project Rook is really a byproduct of my own self-work. I’d be lying if I said this was always my goal or passion because it wasn’t. I was just an ignorant fool walking around being a victim and waiting on Jesus to deliver me when I decided to yield to the whispers that said, “Yes there is more to life and yes you can access it BUT only if and when you’re ready to die for it”. Die of self that is. And that’s when my pursuit of better began. Essentially this all started as a way to hold myself accountable to the life I said I desired. From there it’s kind of blossomed into a platform to share what I’ve learned about the real trinity - mind, body, and spirit - that should be at the core of any discussion about health and wellness.

To be clear, Project Rook’s aim is to disrupt. To offend. To shake our bullsh*t at its root. If you’re just looking to eat more salads and take cute pictures of you doing yoga poses, this isn’t for you. We’ve played “let’s pretend we’re well” for far too long. My assignment is specifically for those looking to be reminded that they are gods, creators of their reality, and true magicians that have the power to change their lives. You can eat well, think well, and BE well this lifetime. The precursor to that, however, is to be challenged, to step outside of what’s familiar, and to go deep into the places mentally and spiritually that we avoid. Translation, I’m going to piss you off with the truth until you realize that I never had the power to do so until you gave it to me. Then, you'll boss up, take back your power, and begin to translate that mindset into every other aspect of your life. Mission accomplished.


How important is it for people to end toxic unhealthy relationships while pursuing good health?
I believe humans underestimate the toll that stress takes on the body. It literally affects every system in your body especially your endocrine and nervous system, which regulate and control body functions. Every time you think health, you need to think - mind, body, and spirit. Neglect any one of these elements and you’ve broken the chain of true health.  We have to be honest and admit that most of the unhealthy relationships that we find ourselves in are due to our own choosing. Whether a lover or family (especially family) or friends, you have a say in who you decide to stay connected to. Important questions to ask yourself are, what do your daily interactions with these people look like, what do your conversations entail, what do your outings consist of? Are you connected to those who speak life, health, healing, happiness, peace, boldness, success, and wealth OR those who are angry, fearful, complainers, excuse makers, sick, and broke?


On the flip side, we also have to accept the fact that we play a role in our encounters, which means we are in toxic relationships because we are toxic. Should you end toxic relationships? Yes, as you’re navigating your journey you should seek to create an environment full of people and things that feed you and not add low vibrational energies in your space, however, the contrast in life begets expansion. So the real self-work required is to explore why you're attracted to such toxicity. What lessons are you failing to learn that keep you from changing and attracting what it is you say you want. If you're pursuing good health, why are you around everything opposite of that? Often times solitude is something we should gift ourselves, at least until you can reset and get to know who you are again.

As a No Nonsense Healer, is there any validity to some of the commonly used excuses for bad health? (i.e. “it runs in my family”)
The “it runs in my family” line has to be one of the top statements that grind my gears. The statement itself is problematic because we’ve basically made it a crutch to sit on our ass and relinquish any responsibility for our actions. You know what “runs” in my family right now? Obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes but guess what else does? Stress, trash diets, and lack of exercise. Yet these are God people, you know the same people who will preach scripture to you such as, life and death is in the power of the tongue or as a man thinketh so is he, yet will boldly take claim to illness based solely on what they’ve been told by another human, i.e. a doctor.

Words have power and we don’t realize we’re casting spells on ourselves by saying such nonsense. When you tell yourself for years that something runs in your family, you create an underlying fear that cues your subconscious to manifest just that in the physical. For the record, yes there is some validity to the fact that toxic parents breed toxic children so you can, in fact, be born with genetic weaknesses. Meaning, if you were born with a weaker kidney or liver you may have an increased likelihood of dealing with issues pertaining to weaknesses in these organs. HOWEVER, you can override that by healing yourself and assisting your body in regenerating these same organs. This is where the part of knowing and believing in your own power comes in. Even scientists who don’t subscribe to the spiritual component to healing have proven that you can reprogram your DNA through not only your diet and lifestyle but through your words!



There has been an increase of Holistic doctors being killed or “mysteriously dying”. Coupled with the misinformation being spread online, what is your response to this? Do you feel like Holistic Health is being targeted?
It is interesting, to say the least. While there is a fine line between facts and emotional spin, I know too much and have studied the ways of this country and the government enough to know that alternative medicine and holistic doctors have always posed a threat and been targeted by the establishment who have and will terminate folks, if deemed necessary. This is fact, not opinion. There is a lot of suspicion behind these deaths and some seem to have more compelling evidence than others but if I’m honest, I stopped following the stories a while back because I have to be sure I operate from a place of power and not fear. In my quest to share information, I don’t want to feed the fire of hopelessness and defeat.

There’s a slippery slope that the health-conscious among us are going down where every day is becoming another opportunity to remind people that no matter what you do, the big bad system is going to win. They’ll kill you if you speak the truth, they’re poisoning our food, our water, and our minds, etc But you have to be careful of what you’re programming yourself to believe. Yes, you want to live in truth and yes, you desire to become knowledgeable and aware of the physical and hip to the games that are being played in the Matrix but the ultimate goal is to operate from a place of wisdom, using your magic (mind) to rise above it all.



Are you optimistic about the future landscape of health in America? If no, why not?Collectively? No. Americans are asleep at the wheel and to supposedly be the “greatest”, the numbers say otherwise. Just look around. We are getting fatter, weaker and older at a progressively alarming rate. Our babies, as the offspring of toxic parents, are coming into the world already dealing with illness and health conditions. We are seeing middle and high school children dealing with conditions we use to associate with old age. Collectively we’re weak in mind and body, and as a result, we are chronic pill poppers, who need other people to tell us how to eat, live, love and wipe our ass. People joke about a zombie apocalypse not realizing we’re already living it.


What are some harsh truths people will have to reckon with to become healthier?
Your health is your responsibility. Plain and simple. We can sit around and talk about all of the unethical, immoral and evil actions of the government, and trust me I do, but after that, the question is, now what? We have to stop walking around talking about we’re a child of God and the chosen people while we remain sick and broken in mind and body. Either you got the juice or you don’t. Either you’re going to give a damn about how you treat your body or you’re not. Either you love yourself enough to sacrifice what you must in order to become healthier or you don’t. The harsh truth is you’re going to have to get off your ass and learn. The harsh truth is that your prayers are not going to help you get healthier, because if they were they would have already. The harsh truth is faith without works is dead. The harsh truth is your God and/or your ancestors ain’t worth a damn if they can’t help you live this life well. Tell ‘em Rook said so.


What does the future of Project Rook look like?
We’re breaking curses and taking names. Project Rook will continue to focus on those who will and those who can. The ultimate goal being to build a community hub that helps others help themselves. We're eating well, thinking well, and living well. We're creating and leaving a new legacy of ballers - mental ballers, physical ballers and spiritual ballers. I am putting together several resources I believe will challenge people to take control of their life and health by simply getting back to their divine self. Everyone connected to Project Rook will know that you don’t need a degree to understand how to take care of yourself and your family. We're getting healthy and well, for real this time.


What does it truly take for someone to act on becoming healthy?
Simply start with one thing, today. Not tomorrow, not the first of next month or the first of the year. Today. Mind over matter. Make a decision that you’re going to dedicate your life to yourself, and that you mean enough to you to commit to one thing a day that will move you closer to improving your health. Whether that’s drinking water throughout the day, having a smoothie for breakfast, meditating first thing in the morning or working out for 10 minutes a day. Whatever you choose, bus-a-move, today!

We want to thank Dee for being apart of our Interview Series! It was an honor to have her on the platform to share these truths with us. If you want more of Project Rook, subscribe to her Newsletter & Podcast. Follow her on Twitter

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