Why I Chose To Wake Up

What's going on, Good People? 


I hope this blog entry finds you all in good health. Today I wanted to share with you why I chose to wake up from being lulled to sleep by what we're going to call "The Powers that be" or "The System". 

Now, since I was a younger I always found it interesting to seek the truth when I felt it was being kept from me. It all started with the phrase that even the Rightest of people have heard, "Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams". I was about 12 or 13 years old at the time, a year or 2 after 9/11 and I remember people saying that it was an inside job. At first I didn't care to believe it, but after countless amounts of evidence I couldn't deny it any longer. So I would say since then I never really believed what I was told on the news. I'll admit, I didn't believe I had any power at that age to do anything about it so it was just whatever and I continued my life as usual for the next 10 years, ranting here and there about the things I saw.

Even knowing who Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant were I didn't pay attention to the police brutality against innocent (black) people a lot. It was already common knowledge in the community that the police are the enemy so whatever they did to us was just another reason to never put trust in them. Then Trayvon was killed...

Like many others, I was extremely upset, confused, and pissed off to see George Zimmerman be found Not Guilty for killing Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Maybe it was because Trayvon was 17 and he resonated with me because I can think of countless times I went to the store for snacks in my hoodie and it could have very well been me being stalked and killed. I took to Twitter and expressed my outrage like everybody else. Then the senseless murder of Michael Brown put the icing on the cake and I began to change the way I looked at this country and the way the judicial system catered to law enforcement. I went back and did my research on revolutionary groups like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense which then brought me to a state of unity and pride. The rat hole got much deeper from there. I began learning about the lifestyles and achievements of the generations before me and what they did to get to where they were even with the lack of opportunities they were given. These things coupled with new peers I met changed my views on the world around me. I was lied to. We were lied to. 

As more and more attention was being put on the racial tension via the Police Department in this country I began seeing the masses having their emotions used against them. News Outlets saw their ratings rise with each story and kept pushing the button over and over again: "Black Man/woman shot and killed by Police Officer(s)". It was article after article, video after video of police abusing black people. I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my timeline and it really made me question the integrity of the news. It's a known fact that these TV channels are owned by only 6 corporations.

No 6 companies should have all that power. 

No 6 companies should have all that power. 

For a second, ask yourself why. Why would news outlets just start reporting on something so heavily that literally has been going on for decades? Some say with the invention of Smartphones with cameras that it shed light on the abuse citizens face by the police in a candid way, especially with the way we found out how Mike Brown was killed via a neighbor's Twitter account live tweeting about the altercation. I would agree to a degree. It's not like people haven't had front row seats to police brutality before. Black people especially know that police abuse their power on the community, this isn't new news to us. Don't get me wrong, I just admitted that I didn't care enough about it in the past and that Trayvon's murder opened my eyes and heart to it and I believe that it did the same for a lot of people so I'm not against the issues being brought up. My problem is how the media, who don't care about the victims, the police or even giving accurate information use these stories to cash in on black outrage. They're using us for our energy and money and it's clear what their agenda is because Police Brutality hasn't been on the news in weeks and I'm 100% sure police brutality is still going on as I type this. As much as people do not want or care to believe this, TV is a tool used to control the minds of the masses. Television tells you what to eat, what to wear, how to live and what to think among lots of other things. I can attest to this because there would be certain times in my life where I would handle a situation based off of a program that I saw growing up or even recently. To dive in a little deeper, Hitler and the Nazi Party would brainwash the German population with Television. Showing people Jewish propaganda footage over time allowed them to be less remorseful for the horrid things they did to the Jewish population, because it has been made a fact that Jews are a burden to the earth and the less of them the better.

The same applies today with Arabs or Muslims being depicted as violent extremists, Hispanics mainly Mexicans being depicted as "Illegals" and Blacks being depicted as "Ghetto" criminals. Hell, even Rednecks get a bad wrap. We can pretend like we don't have one, some or all of these prejudices, but that won't stop it from being the truth and a large part of that came from Television. 

The truth is that there is a lot of opportunity to be taken advantage of when the people are ignorant to important things that affect them. The things we eat are extremely critical in 2015 and beyond. I personally started my transition over to a Non GMO plant-based diet late last year and even with my slip-ups (because they can and will happen when transitioning, don't beat yourself up about it it'll only make it worse.) I've noticed a tremendous difference in my quality of life and it makes me very happy. Our favorite brands that we loved growing up are poisoning us to be totally blunt about it. They use 1000's of toxic chemicals in their food to make it last longer and to gain more profit. The United States is one of the fattest and sickest countries in the world and the food we eat plays an integral role in that fact. I'm not going to horrify you with a bunch of pictures of diseased abused farm animals to get you to stop eating meat (even though that IS a very serious problem we have with factory commercial farms), but I will say this. The meat that you're eating is more than likely the worst meat product you could ever have. The meat you get out of large chain stores like Wal-Mart and ShopRite have been sitting in freezers for months before it hits your kitchen. They're pumped with water, Nitrites and Nitrates and other chemicals to keep that reddish pink coloring to give off the appearance that it's "fresh". It doesn't take a genius to figure that animal flesh can't be good for you weeks after its death and when mixed with chemicals that makes for an even deadlier combination. These manufacturers even GLUE random parts of animals together and call it "Sirloin" or "Prime Cut"

I mean, c'mon! What the hell is this? Why would anyone want to eat chicken blood and scrap meat? This is more than likely in your freezer right now and it can be the root cause of your demise. Processed foods like Pop Tarts, cereals, frozen dinners, fruit drinks and sodas, candies, etc are all just as dangerous and you should definitely make it a habit to read the ingredients of the foods you're eating. I don't mean to sound so dramatic, but this stuff is serious business. All you have is your health at the end of the day and I truly believe that we all want to be healthy. I believe the powers that be programmed us into thinking ingesting these bad things were good for us and we fell for it. This is the same country that had Doctors and Dentists promoting smoking cigarettes on TV in the 50's and 60's  so understand what we're dealing with here. Don't play into these people's hands and shop consciously. Eat NON GMO foods at all times, drink a gallon of pure water a day and do your best to abstain from meat, dairy and soy. You can check out FinesseHaven.Com (and HealThySelf360.Com for all natural and organic herbal Detoxes. I've done it and it was amazing!)  as well as other sites you can get from a simple Google search to get great Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. Just try it and see if it makes a difference.

I was going to save this for a different blog post entirely, but I figure I'll add it here based off the things I touched in the beginning of this post. To all of my generation, understand that fighting against racists or racism is a waste of your energy. I know I just lost a lot of people reading this, but hear me out. White supremacy only exist if there's Black inferiority. Aside from the fact that blacks are not inferior to white people in any way, as slaves they were forced to play that role whether they wanted to or not. The shackles are off and we have the power to never have to deal with those problems ever again. We have centuries of data on this and even with the way the population has been brainwashed I still believe we have the wherewithal to completely change our situation. We can learn from our ancestors achievements and mistakes and make even better decisions from here on out. I know it gives you small sense of satisfaction to "drag" a racist or eloquently detail what racism is, but at this point it's all conjecture and rhetoric. I personally believe a big reason we care so much about racism is because its influence put us in such a bad state; mentally and physically, and to fight against the machine that created that despair is a victory. That's absolutely correct, but the methods we are using to fight it are only scratching the surface and not getting to the heart of the problem which is: Lack of Resources and Power. If we really want to dismantle racism we should stop funding the oppressors. Shop small and local businesses and encouraging your fellow (wo)man and supporting them. As the saying goes "Money talks, b***s**t walks" and that's true. If we take our money out of the companies that support private jails, slave and child labor, toxic chemicals, dirty politics, etc and put it into ethical small companies that will help the people and push the community forward we could come up in an amazing way. Once we have solidified our worth and wealth a racist's comments won't hold weight. At this point the black population relies heavily on their oppressor so anytime we have room to complain, we will, but if we didn't rely on them we could and would react much differently. There's too much light being shown on the problems and not enough on the solutions, so that's where I come in. Understand that I don't hate any group of people because that's not how I'm built. I'm not going to condemn one person for the whole and I judge according to the behavior of that person regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, you name it. I lead in love and respect that's literally why I'm writing this, to help. We need way more unity and love and it's time now to spread it as much as possible. I love you all and if nobody has told you, you are a gem and you bring value to the earth. I believe in you and your capabilities and wish you nothing but the most success in life because you deserve it.

I spread love because I truly want everyone to succeed. Another reason is I love perpetuating good energy and good vibes. Lola and I practice different forms of meditation and it has definitely made a great change in our lives. At night we sleep to Wealth Affirmations on YouTube that repeat things like "I am wealthy and affluent" "I attract prosperity and I'm thankful" so it can creep its way into our subconscious. We meditate to binaural beats to raise our vibrations and frequencies which directly affects the way we live our lives. I definitely encourage you guys to try it out. Take 15-30 minutes out your day everyday and affirm your wealth and prosperity. I recently spoke with my brother Ryan and he told me how much he's seen my life change when I started applying more positive thinking into my life and it's true. My life has gotten better and better ever since I started changing the way I looked at the world. I've been releasing more productivity and good energy into the Universe and it has repaid me with the same things, you get what you give. People often call this optimism or wishful thinking and that to think EVERYONE doing this would somehow change the world is nonsense and unrealistic. When that happens it usually comes from a person who needs positive affirmations more than anyone because of whatever turmoil is going on within them. To reject a notion such as this, regardless (or even especially) of  the garbage that goes on in the world shows why we need it. If more and more people practiced this the world WOULD be a better place to live in. I understand that our upbringing plays a major role in the way we live our lives and that there are certain ideologies that have been cemented in our minds, but if you know that the behavior is detrimental to your life in any way you would want to try an alternative to cancel it out. Don't be afraid to change, it's good for you. Don't let society dictate what is good and bad for you and strengthen your discernment. Don't let other people's fears stifle you from being the best possible person you can be. There's nothing in your way to prosper and when you start thinking on a higher vibration those thoughts will materialize into tangible things. Believe in yourself and never stop changing. I guarantee that it will happen for you because I'm living proof. Without sounding too bragadocious, I have seen the most money I've seen in life since I started this. I've met more and more like-minded people and have made some great connections that can last a lifetime. I'm in love with an amazing woman and our business is breaking personal  records every month. Even with my bad days I have nothing to complain about and I'm eternally grateful to be in this position. 

Trust me, I know it feels weird in the beginning, but it works! Before I go I want to let you all know that I appreciate ALL of the support you all have been pouring into our lives. From promoting the business or shopping with us we can't thank you enough for the love. We pride ourselves on providing high quality goods and the reviews we've gotten attests to that. Thank you for taking the time and reading my thoughts and I really hope it has helped in some way. Until next time, my people. Peace.