It was Christmas 2014; Among the love and gifts given and received by a family celebrating the Holiday, "DOE" wrote "Lola" a Christmas card. At the bottom of the card it read "Lola & Doe 4 Ever" in block letters. Around this same time, Lola had began researching and learning more about the benefits of living a more holistic lifestyle, and the health issues that come with consuming some very well known brands everyday, especially pertaining to children and babies.

As a mother herself and  with her friends expecting bundles of joy of their own, she took it upon herself to begin creating Organic, toxin and preservative free alternatives to the products that parents bought for their babies like Soaps, Body Butters, and Powders.

LolaAndDoe.Com opened its digital doors April 20th, 2015 and since then have been proud to add to changing the lives and minds of hundreds of men, women, and children, about their body care. As an ethically balanced and value based family, Lola & DOE work together to create, evolve, and grow their business to cater to as many homes as possible. 

Lola & Doe have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality goods and very best customer service possible. Our products are for all genders, color, shapes,sizes, ages and complexions. We are firm believers that nature is universal an without limitations. When you shop with Lola & Doe you can rest assured that your body care is worry free.



All of our ingredients are always listed, on labeling and/or on the website before purchase. All of our selected preservatives are organic in nature and not synthetic.We prefer making them without preservatives where ever possible. We are a Cruelty Free company which means our products are never derived from or tested on animals. We have both Organic and All Natural product lines for the head to toe care of every member of your family young and old. 

Why Organic & Natural?

Some artificial ingredients, dyes and harmful chemicals and additives have been linked to cancer, growing allergen rates and overall poorer quality of life for us all in the past decade or so. Mother earth has been magnificent enough to provide us with everything we need with just a little tweak or none at all, a healthier hygienic alternative is yours for the taking, you're whole family benefits! We make sure to keep our earth footprint small, and our labor sustainable. Therefore we use ethically sourced fair trade items and labor. We also use minimal packaging and ask that our containers/packaging be re-purposed, reused, or recycled. Our mission at LOLA & DOE is providing organic & natural alternatives at affordable cost, we think, it would be amazing if everyone had the time to  make their own natural products. However, we know life gets crazy, so we're here for those who can't! Bringing you all the Quality and Natural wonder the world has to offer, one tiny jar or bottle, one household at a time.
Small Batches
BPA free
Our products are plant-based and soy free unless otherwise stated in the ingredients list. We source our ingredients from trusted small companies and artisans.
Any fragrance oil is sustainable palm leaf oil based, we always strive to source our ingredients from companies that replant and revive forest not tear them down!
Any product not considered vegan contains ethically and sustainable sourced, no bees are ever drugged, poisoned or harmed to obtain these ingredients. 
We offer 100% ingredient disclosure, so that everyone can understand what they're putting onto (and into) their bodies.
We're a small business with a big vision of a better lifestyle for people everywhere.

*Please note that none of our claims have been verified by the FDA. We cannot diagnose or offer to treat any disease or ailment. We recommend you consult a responsible healthcare professional before starting any new products, especially if you have sensitive skin or known/unknown allergens. Discontinue use immediately if any signs of irritation occurs. 


We SUPPORT the legalization and decriminalization of Medical Marijuana, Medical Marijuana Studies, Recreational Marijuana and Organic Hemp Farmers. Here's Why...

*Alzheimer's disease- In 2006, the Scripps Research Institute in California discovered that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, can prevent an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase from accelerating the formation of "Alzheimer's plaques" in the brain, as well as protein clumps that can inhibit cognition and memory, more effectively than commercially marketed drugs.

*Epilepsy - A study performed by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that ingredients found in natural marijuana "play a critical role in controlling spontaneous seizures in epilepsy." Dr. Robert J. DeLorenzo, professor of neurology at the VCU School of Medicine, added that "Although marijuana is illegal in the United States, individuals both here and abroad report that marijuana has been therapeutic for them in the treatment of a variety of ailments, including epilepsy."

*Multiple sclerosis - It's long been believed that smoking pot helps MS patients, and a study published as recently as May provided yet another clinical trial as evidence of marijuana's impact on multiple sclerosis patients with muscle spasticity. Even though the drug has been known to cause dizziness and fatigue in some users, most MS patients report marijuana not only helps ease the pain in their arms and legs when they painfully contract, but also helps them just "feel good." How many prescription drugs can say their side effects include "happiness"?

*Glaucoma - Since the 1970s, studies have called medical marijuana an effective treatment against glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Researchers say marijuana helps reduce and relieve the intraocular pressure that causes optic nerve damage, but theproponents say it helps "reverse deterioration," too.

*Arthritis - Marijuana proves useful for many types of chronic pain conditions, but patients with rheumatoid arthritis report less pain, reduced inflammation and more sleep. However, this is not to say that arthritis patients should exchange their medication with pot; marijuana eases the pain, but it does nothing to ameliorate or curb the disease.

*Depression - A study on addictive behaviors published by USC and SUNY Albany in 2005, whose 4,400 participants made it the largest investigation of marijuana and depression to date, found that "those who consume marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana." The study added that "weekly users had less depressed mood, more positive affect, and fewer somatic complaints than non-users."

*Anxiety - An article published in the April 2010 edition of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, "Medical marijuana and the mind," said that while "many recreational users say that smoking marijuana calms them down, for others it has the opposite effect. ... Studies report that about 20 to 30 percent of recreational users experience such problems after smoking marijuana." The article did not mention which "studies" supported this fact, and most marijuana users would call this claim totally erroneous.

*Hepatitis C - A 2006 study performed by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco found that marijuana helps improve the effectiveness of drug therapy for hepatitis C, an infection that roughly 3 million Americans contract each year. Hepatitis C medications often have severe side effects like loss of appetite, depression, nausea, muscle aches and extreme fatigue. Patients that smoked marijuana every day or two found that not only did they complete the therapy, but that the marijuana even made it more effective in achieving a "sustained virological response," which is the gold standard in therapy, meaning there was no sign of the virus left in their bodies.

*Morning sickness - In a peer-reviewed study, researchers at the British Columbia Compassion Club Society found that 92 percent of women found marijuana's effect on morning sickness symptoms as either "very effective" or effective." (We at Lola&Doe do not endorse the use of marijuana during pregnancy, we endorse the scientific studies to know the risk, just as they have been done with cigarettes and alcohol)

*Cancer, HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy - Though the drug is illegal in the U.S., the FDA and American Cancer Society agree that the active ingredients in marijuana, or cannabinoids, have been approved by officials to "relieve nausea and vomiting and increase appetite in people with cancer and AIDS." The American Cancer Society says that "marijuana has anti-bacterial properties, inhibits tumor growth, and enlarges the airways, which they believe can ease the severity of asthma attacks. In a world where Cancer walks are growing and no real "cure" in sight we have to explore all alternatives, why not a natural one? Support Research to help scientist heal and cure naturally.

and more....


  • 1 Acre of Hemp is equal to 4 acres of trees

  • Hemp is easily grown and easier to replenish than trees, therefore more sustaianable

  • Hemp plastic is 2,000 x stronger than steel and is 1,000 lbs. less in weight.

  • Since 1937, when hemp was effectively outlawed, 70% of American natural forests have been destroyed. Today, ONLY 4% of Americas old-growth forest remains standing. Now there is talk of building roads into that for logging purposes! Hemp growing could completely negate the necessity to use any wood at all because anything made from wood CAN be made from hemp.

  • Hemp is one of the most easily renewable resource on the planet

  • Hemp heals the soil as it grows

  • Hemp is the most complete protein found in nature

  • Hemp is high in fiber

  • Hemp can be used as Food, Clothing, Personal Care, Non toxic cleaning products, Paper goods, plastic, Fuel, Construction Material, its really almost endless in its versatility.

NOTE: These are our personal affirmations as a company and should not be taken as medical advice or any variation here in. Speak to a responsible health professional before starting or stopping any new remedy or medicine. Contact your local legislator and tell them you support cannabis reform laws.